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Adaptations and repurposing Primary Colours

Primary Colours, produced for Cambridge Obeikan through Cambridge University Press, was one of our largest projects undertaken over the past few years. Comprising six levels, each with an array of student and teacher resources, the work was a combination of re-working an existing course and creating matching materials from scratch.

Commissioning authors and artists who understood the cultural and educational requirements of the (chiefly) Saudi marketplace was vital. Also crucial was the schedule, with key publicity and print dates all achieved.

Throughout the year in which Hart McLeod worked with the clients, over sixty individuals were involved, ranging from authors, artists, designers, and photographers all the way through to child actors, animal impersonators and musical chant arrangers!

Primary Colours

The early stages of the Primary Colours project were largely adapting existing materials; in the latter stages we were creating the books from scratch to reflect Arab world syllabuses.

Altering artwork

Altering artwork in response to the specific needs of a book or market can be a large part of our work in adaptations.

Telling Time

Making a clock face for primary level pupils in the Arab world all in a Cambridge studio.

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