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International publishing – Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and beyond…

For over a decade Hart McLeod has been active in producing titles for overseas clients, especially contract bids for emerging African and Middle Eastern markets.

The Uganda Primary Readers series (Pearson) was one such title where we commissioned artwork and laid out text for a number of books, each translated into eight regional languages.

Our work in this area extends to not only Primary readers but Secondary levels subjects, mostly in the sciences. Key to producing these titles are always the unmovable deadlines and cultural sensitivities. Hart McLeod feels confident in both areas.

Uganda publications

Working across eight languages (including English) has its challenges, especially with the proofreading, but a good working relationship with the client eases the path to publication. Commissioning artists with experience of the marketplace is crucial.

Ghana Biology

Working for international markets – in this case at secondary level in Ghana – brings a new meaning to well-used phrase ‘tight deadline’.



Hart McLeod always ensures the right person for the job when using freelance support, especially important when the inhouse team have little knowledge of the page content… as with this Kiswahili text for Tanzania.

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