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English Language Teaching – Just the tip of the iceberg

ELT publishing has been one of our major strengths over the past few years, working with leading publishers in this field. The five-level Just Right series, originally published by Marshall Cavendish and now with Cengage, has been a major production in which we have provided the complete package of publishing services from initial designs and development of manuscripts, through to final PDFs.

In support of the series Hart McLeod has also produced the audio for the Student Books and Workbooks along with a range of publicity materials, catalogues and numerous versions and adaptations.

Based in Cambridge, our ELT connections are unrivalled. We have recently been producing audio CDs from elementary to advanced level, using a range of UK regional accents, as well as IELTS materials with internationally voiced audio masters.


Working on the launch publications gave Hart McLeod a real sense of commitment to, and pride in, the Just series. Beyond the books and audio components, we produced catalogues, online resources, advertisements etc.


Our work in ELT extends far beyond the Marshall Cavendish/Cengage connection.


Hart McLeod has produced an extensive range of ELT audio products using native speakers as required by the subject matter in these cases US and Zimbabwean voices.


Hart McLeod has been providing natural sounding voices for different levels for more than a decade.

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